Because... Sometimes, shorter is better

Do you have to get a college degree to be happy and to make a good living? Not always. Although CSI is a great place to begin your degree, we also have professional/technical certificates and degrees that you can finish in a lot less time. In fact, chances are that some of those skills can earn you as much or even more than you would with certain four-year degrees.

Here's the important thing: You will be happier and healthier doing what you love and what you're good at.

We are very proud of our professional/technical programs at CSI. Our students have won awards at the state and national level. Several of our programs have been honored as the best in Idaho. More importantly, CSI students are moving on to satisfying, productive, rewarding careers. Check out this list (important to have a link to our tech programs and the accompanying gainful employment link).

Talk with a technical advisor or an advisor at the Career Counseling Center soon.



Brianna Eddy

Brianna Eddy

It’s affordable! CSI is two hours away from my home, giving me the freedom to be on my own but also the chance to go home when I need to. The smaller class sizes are just what I need when I need help, without having to compete with my classmates. I’ve made great friends who encourage me. I can’t wait to graduate with my associate’s degree in Baking and Pastry Arts!.